Austin Stone Appointed Interim Chief Operating Officer of CURE


After an executive search by the board, Beck & Stone’s Partner, Austin Stone, has been appointed as interim Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE). The Washington D.C.-based community organization founded by Star Parker was seeking a successor to Dr. William B. Allen, who announced his retirement in April.

Part of our consulting services includes temporarily staffing the C-suite or executive and director-levels. These placements help institutions find or mentor permanent leaders that aligns with the board’s vision while accomplishing short-term milestones.

This is what Austin is tasked with for the next several months at CURE while working at their new Washington offices in close collaboration with their rapidly growing staff.

Beck & Stone has been working with CURE for close to a year, where we’ve led them in a redesign of their brand and a redefinition of their identity as a scholar-led think tank that does more than talk about inner-city communities, but works with its leaders. (Over 300 pastors are members of CURE’s pastor network to hear, speak, and do in two-way collaboration.)

After the identity work was completed, Beck & Stone helped CURE run a wildly successful fundraising campaign that gives us all the much-needed encouragement that we were doing together was resonating; that Star Parker’s vision for a black-led organization to address the concerns of primarily the community was being seen and invested in.

We are now pleased to work for that vision’s manifestation in the closest manner: the Beck & Stone leadership joined with CURE’s.

About CURE

The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) was founded by Star Parker in Washington, D.C., where it amplifies the voices of clergy and congregations from around the nation to direct policy making toward solutions that are community reinforcing; elevating individual agency above government dependence.

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