A professional fellowship cultivating entrepreneurship and excellence to rebuild our institutions.

Beck&Stone launched the Museion Fellowship to cultivate the capabilities of institution-building in young professionals.

While most of the Western world’s best and brightest are forced to learn these skills at stultifying corporations, Museion Fellows are provided an environment of open-minded strategy, problem-solving creativity, and moral imagination—all within the context of a world-class consultancy.

Mentorship and magic

Young people hunger for creative professionalism. They see opportunities for change and inspirations of aesthetic beauty, but are not prepared to actualize these visions. The rising stars of the Western world’s institutions will never rise without a guide—without the opportunity to learn by doing.

The Museion Fellowship provides mentorship and networking for students or young professionals who wish to participate in the rebuilding of our institutions and effect a positive influence on our culture. At Beck&Stone, they will have the opportunity to meet some of the most successful and influential cultural figures in the country. They’ll execute new strategies, manage projects, brainstorm ideas, and learn how the sausage is made in an effective remote workplace. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll be part of Beck&Stone’s company culture and share in the team’s camaraderie—building relationships that will last throughout their professional career.

How Museion Works

—Two fellows are selected each year from among applicants across the world’s top institutions.

—They are embedded in the team structure, letting them experience the struggle for successful professional work while making contributions to culture through Beck&Stone’s clients and activities.

—They emerge battle-tested and ready to lead—with a little more knowledge, a lot more trust, and the confidence to take a place of responsibility in our civilization’s institutions.



Malachi Frank

Malachi Frank is a recent graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute, earning his associates in Theology. Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin as a devout Christian and conservative, Malachi has a passionate interest in American politics and cultural issues. Throughout college he worked full-time as a driver for VIP clients in Dallas, Texas. He is a certified hunter safety instructor in Wisconsin, teaching children and adults sustainable hunting ethics, deer tracking, and how to safely operate firearms. In addition to shooting sports and firearms, Malachi's broad interests include backpacking, horology, cryptocurrencies, American history, medieval philosophy, classical music, and timeless menswear. He states that his chief professional goal is to help rebuild America’s institutions and enterprises using principled means and loyal, dedicated service.

Amir Razak

Amir Razak hails from the west coast, where he grew up inundated with Hollywood media that informed and stretches his creative imagination. Amir works to enrich ideas: the vessel and messaging should be the primary focus when it comes to crafting a product. Some ideas work better as film, while others are optimized as painting or sculpture. Crafting ideas for impact, Amir has created impactful digital campaigns for the biography of Tucker Carlson, the election campaign of Blake Masters, engaging commercials, and online content for political agencies and clients. An experienced video editor, Amir will assist the creative team at Beck&Stone on their creative pursuits, network with other creatives, and educate himself on the business of brand building and institutional consulting.

Evan Riggs

Evan Riggs has spent the past few years as a dedicated communications jack-of-all-trades for a wide range of influential institutions and individuals across Europe and North America. In a past life, he was a wilderness firefighter in Canada, an aspiring academic, and occasionally moonlighted as a professional bartender. These experiences taught him a lot about the type of people he wants to call colleagues, the necessity of adaptability, and the importance of committing to meaningful work. Since entering politics and media, Evan has worked as an event manager, social media director, marketing coordinator, and executive media producer. He's also co-hosted a podcast in Westminster and published articles across various Substacks, magazines, and one book. When he is not working, Evan usually finds himself reading, writing, researching a new adventure, or trying to perfect a new recipe.









Applications are closed until April 2025.