About the Role

Beck & Stone is a brand consultancy with full-service agency capabilities. The firm’s reputation is built on connecting corporate, civic, religious, and educational institutions to people through culture, ideas, and experiences.

We are looking for an experienced Marketing Director to join our firm. The ideal candidate has previous experience creating long-term demand strategies and short-term marketing plans, gathering and analyzing data, building lead generation funnels and generating creative ideas. You should be well-versed in omni-channel marketing concepts, principles and tactics. An interest in higher education institutions, non-profit organizations in the public square, including religious and advocacy groups, and intellectual publications is highly desired. We are looking for the perfect fit which includes remote candidates, but prefer they be based in the United States.

The Marketing Director must thrive on interfacing with clients and teammates on video, in email, or in person, asking them inquisitive questions, listening attentively to them, and communicating ideas with panache and persuasiveness. It is their responsibility and thus must be their passion to not only strategize but see those strategies planned, tested, and executed. As such, they should have a broad awareness of tactics used in marketing and advertising in the past and the present, with a deep pool of historic and contemporary examples from which to pull.

This position reports directly to Andrew Beck, the firm’s Founding Partner, and works closely with other directors while managing a team of marketers to see the Beck & Stone reputation upheld and advanced. Whether it is with retainer relationships or campaign engagements, the Marketing Director is responsible for striving towards and inspiring excellence, cultural relevance, and positive results for our clients' brands.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan and execute wide-ranging brand endeavors, including brand awareness campaigns, lead generation funnels, direct marketing campaigns, and fundraising initiatives.

  • Develop and execute creative programming for social media channels, e-mail, digital advertising and direct mail that meet the goals of the marketing strategies.

  • Advance client brands through communications, in whatever shape or form they may take. Take ownership of advertising campaigns, retained brands, and their deliverables.

  • Consult clients on trends, standards and best practices in design, culture and the arts.

  • Identify and develop partners for collaborations, events, and syndication.

  • Gather and utilize first and third party data to inform and improve decision making.

  • Advocate for your team to your clients and your clients to your team.

  • Audit and optimize existing client marketing materials.

  • Ensure brand consistency throughout brand communications.

  • Participate in brand strategy sessions with client and internal teams.

  • Acquaint yourself with client goals, preferences, habits and challenges in order to steer the creative vision with an inventive, objective perspective.

  • Give feasible estimates for project completion, setting expectations with the project coordinator.

  • Become acquainted with—and help craft—the capabilities of the agency, its brand language and areas of expertise.

  • Identify opportunities in clients’ organizations for additional deliverables or responsibilities that the agency could adopt.

  • Staying up-to-date on emerging technologies

  • Willingness to travel an estimated once a month

Knowledge, Experience, and Skill Requirements

  • An understanding of what a brand is, what affects it, and how it affects others.

  • 5+ years’ experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, or communications in an agency or startup setting. Prior team leadership preferred

  • Bachelor’s degree with a major in Philosophy, the Arts, or Letters preferred.

  • Literate. Well-acquainted and rehearsed in the historic and contemporary language, patterns, behavior, and ideas of the mass intelligentsia.

  • A masterful communicator and persuader who can receive and give concise, helpful ideas and feedback to clients or teammates.

  • Contemporary knowledge of the principles and trends in traditional advertising, digital marketing and brand building, with motivation to stay current.

  • Lives and breathes through richly worded and designed Keynote decks.

  • Experience creating and/or marketing podcasts, video, and other media.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written. Assertive with opinions but collaborative with decisions.

  • Understanding of SEO principles

  • Diligent and productive in a remote work environment

  • Experience with data analytics and marketing software such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Salesforce and HubSpot preferred,

  • Advanced problem-solving and communication skills

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