About the Role

Beck & Stone is a consulting firm at the intersection of media and technology. We connect thinkers, dreamers, and institutions to American culture through the design of useful software and compelling brands.

We are currently seeking an entry-level Executive Assistant to complement and aid our leadership and consultants in coordinating and communicating with clients, the team, the public, and each other. This is a permanent, full-time position that is fully remote with mandatory travel.

On the client side, the Executive Assistant must be present on every phone call, email chain, video conference, and in-person meeting. Listening attentively, asking clarifying questions, and taking notes to circulate with all involved is their responsibility.

On the agency side, they will make themselves available to the Partners and Associates, assisting them in scheduling meetings, setting and circulating meeting agendas, scheduling itineraries, and a host of other corporate tasks. This role will have access to the inner workings of the firm and the corporate world of consulting and design in general. We anticipate that the candidate will grow quickly as a professional by learning all they can about the specialized areas of the business as they work within this general role.

Knowledge, Skills, & Requirements

  • A listener. You are slow to speak and quick to listen—and what you hear you make sure to remember.

  • A notetaker. You write detailed notes compulsively and can summarize what was said even if you do not understand all the details.

  • An organized organizer. You love calendars, to-do lists and schedulers that help you and other stay on time and on point. You’ll get comfortable really quickly in a cloud-based suite of professional tools from Google or Microsoft.

  • An active learner. You soak in knowledge and new skills as you work.

  • A writer. You can write impeccable emails in English with clarity and brevity in wording, grace and professionalism in delivery, and intelligence in formatting detail. Bonus points for enough French, Latin, or Elvin tongue to impress people.

  • A servant. Attentive, empathetic, and kind; anticipating “needs” before they become “wants”.

  • An aspiring professional. An animating desire to be a professional who takes your work seriously and is taken seriously by others. You care about how you come across.

  • An always-on adventurer. You are okay with sitting in your home or traveling across America and Europe, always with a phone in your hand or a computer in your lap. #remotelife

Sound like you?

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