Andrew Beck


Andrew Beck is Partner at Beck & Stone. He has led teams and advised executives for a decade at cultural institutions and corporate enterprises. He has consulted for global brands at an executive level and helped put intellectual conservatism and dissident thought on the map in the rapidly evolving public square of the Internet.

He is considered a driving influence of branding, aesthetics, and communications strategies in emergent American institutions, with his work widely emulated and his input highly valued by decision makers across an array of industries. A speaker, writer, and lecturer, Beck is known for framing complex ideas and actualizing aspirational concepts with compelling language and visuals. His essays have appeared in First Things, The National Interest, The American Mind, Law & Liberty, and more. He is a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, and is a member of the Philadelphia Society, the One Club for Creativity, and the Society for American Civic Renewal. He was selected as a judge for the One Club’s Young Guns competition and lectured at the City University of New York. He serves on the boards of the Art and Literature Foundation and the Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development.

He may be found on X at @AndrewBeckUSA or connected with on LinkedIn.

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